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  • Percy Simmonds says:

    Super Site
    Its the small things that count and your creative solutions to awkward fixes are practical and well thought through. Been in small boat repair up to 46′ (building limitation) for lets just say awhile and generally don’t follow these kind of sites, but yours is an exception. Over the years have used most of the epoxy brands and at the end of the day Gougeon Brothers West System is the winner. You’ve got a good thing going here, oh to be 65 again.

    Beinn Mara Boats
    Stratford, Prince Edward Island

  • Rick says:

    very informative and to be such a young man .You my friend are i will say the best i’ve seen with fiberglass and your repair methods are right on thanks for your patience and common sense.

  • Taj says:

    Thank you for sharing your techniques. It must have taken you many years to perfect your process. I truly appreciate it. Great job!

  • david salt says:


    Thank you for being very clear instruction.
    Quick question: why did you not make the access hole on the vertical surface? Was it because you were also going to be doing other work on the rear deck?


  • Rolando says:

    What type of fiberglass you use for this work.

  • Alessandro says:

    Hi Andy,
    In this work you used 2 resins:
    First epoxy end then polyester.
    Is correct?
    At the end, what filler did you use?
    Thank you for yours video.

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