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  • Allen Sooter says:

    Nice job, they came out with out any opp’s!!! The owners should be very pleased, take your right hand and reach around your back and give yourself a good pat on the back, atta Boy.

  • Todd Dunn says:

    Andy, you really need to paint or gelcoat the underside of that seat to make a finished part, particularly if you used laminating resin for the part. If you don’t want to do that, spray the underside with PVA so the glass will cure completely. It also looked like the sides of the part were pure mat, I would have put in at least one layer of 1708.

    • ~Andy says:

      Hey Todd,

      This was a heavily edited version of the video. The undersides were coated with PVA 🙂 The way the covers rest in place on the boat I really didn’t see a need for 1708 along the 3/4″ edges; all weight from sitting or standing is placed onto the flat part of the seat which consisted of (3) layers of 1708 and 4 layers csm. The sides ended up being 6 layers of csm

  • Peter Longwood says:

    That was way cool.
    I would like to see how you make the mold!

  • Keith says:

    Another really nice video, Andy. Could you please briefly describe how you made the mold?

    • Keith says:

      If you donate through Patreon, you’ll get access to the extended video where Andy describes how he made the mold. Thanks, Andy!

  • Hayden says:

    How did you make the mold?

  • David says:

    Very nicely done. What brand gelcoat and resin are you using in this video?

    • ~Andy says:

      just a general purpose laminating gelcoat. I get my stuff from as they’re close to me (get delivery next day). Great place to work with! Highly recommend them if you don’t have good options locally.

      • -don says:

        I’ll join in on the shout-out to Express Composites. I’m here in San Diego and also love working with those guys. Super friends, helpful and great prices!

  • James says:

    Lol, Can I join the chorus asking how the mold was made? 🙂 I guess a whole new video would have to be made but I’d really like to know how you did it. Thanks 🙂

  • PaulB says:

    Yup, gotta echo the question on the mold- did you use the old cover as a plug and make the mold from that, or start from scratch?

  • Bill says:

    Nice job!

  • Boyd says:

    Andy, any chance you’ll be doing a cored version of something like this? I need to put together three lazarette covers that are strong enough to walk on.

  • Omar says:

    Hi, awesome video. Question: is there a way, or a formula, that would indicate how many layers of cloth would you need to get a desired thickness? For example, I need to do fish box for 1/4 inch thick. How many layers of cloth would I need? thank you

  • Patrick Demings says:

    Hello, how did you make the mold for this project.

  • Patrick Demings says:

    This has given me some good ideas for my project. I’m still learning.

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