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  • Frank Peter says:

    If I click the link to shop it brings me to the Amazon homepage. If I search for your shop, I, it can not find it. How do I find your shop? Or can you ask, inquire, who does your website to place a direct link to the products you sell? Thanks

    • ~Andy says:

      Hi Frank, I don’t have a “shop” per say; basically when you click the link on my website it should take you to Amazon with a form of code in the address specifying that it was my link that brought you there. At that point it’s a matter of shopping as usual and amazon keeps track of purchases allowing me to get a small percentage of the sale 🙂

      I am going to be starting an actual online store by the end of the month for BWT merchandise. Shortly after that I will also start adding repair materials to the site.. I’ll be sending out a notice informing everyone when I take the store live..

      Hope this helps! Thank you!

  • Michael says:

    Hey Andy, I saw the store and looked at getting some SWAG. Just to let you know the drop downs for selecting the desired options didn’t work for me until I typed in the first letter of the option (e.g.. C for Cherry, etc.)
    Also want to say thanks! I just finished some repairs to my boat, couldn’t have been done without your videos. I looked at a lot of instructional material but it was soon evident that you had the best methods and presentation out there.

    • ~Andy says:

      Hi Michael, thank you for the kind words :-). The options in the store site seem to be a little picky depending on the browser being used. I just did an update, when you have a chance please let me know if this fixed the issue. If not, let me know what browser your using! Thank you!

      • Alex says:

        Andy, thanks for your videos.

        Looks like the problem is in style.css line 217: color: inherit;
        It inherits white color from body. So you get white on white for select options.
        You can remove the line #217 from the style sheet or define a color instead of inheriting. This will fix the problem.

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