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What’s been going on??

By April 16, 2013Uncategorized

It’s been a while since I’ve made any posts or updates (or follow up vids) and I feel I owe a little explanation.

The short story is that Spring showed it’s head a couple of weeks ago and work orders piled in for stuff to be completed before Memorial day (which is typical this time of the year). Then, old man Winter decided to do an encore and pile over a foot of snow!

I’m actually happy that it did as it buys me a little more time and people somewhat settled down rather than asking for projects to be completed Yesterday 🙂

In addition to the Spring surge in work, many of you know that my Wife and I are expecting a new addition to our family hopefully in a couple of months. She’s 7 month into the pregnancy and some small issues have come up (at least we’re hoping that they are small issues) which has been preoccupying my mind when there was some free time here and there.

Basically my baby girl can’t wait to grace the world with her presence 🙂 Normally that’s a cool attitude, but at 7 months, not so cool. MaMa’s been put on bed rest for the duration which means I need to step up and help a little more than before. Believe me, I’m not complaining.. It is what it is 🙂 As long as everyone is happy and healthy, life is good..

So, what this all means is that as much as I want to focus on the video’s and helping everyone as much as I can, my attention to work and home is going to have to be a top priority for the time being (not that it isn’t always, but I think you know what I mean 🙂

I’ll do what I can, when I can to keep the content rolling, but it may be hit or miss for the next couple of months 🙁 Sorry about that; I thought I was going to have a couple more months before things got crazy.. I should have known better; there’s nothing about life that ISN’T crazy!

On a side note, I passed 2000 subscribers on Youtube today!!! I have 2 things to say about that..

HOLY CRAP! That’s 1000 new subscribers in a little over 3 months :-O

And a huge Thank you to everyone who has stumbled across my content and thought it worth while to follow..

Thank you very much!

Well, now that I’ve written a small novel here I am going to close this out by asking a couple of small favors of you. If you’ve emailed me with a question about a project that you’re knee deep in and I haven’t gotten back to you, please bear with me; I will reply, just not as quickly as I used to..

Also, PLEASE share my FB page with your friends and encourage them to subscribe to my Youtube channel. I’m working towards a goal of being able to create content full time, but the only way this can happen is if my viewer stats continue to increase! Every subscriber, every view and every comment is important in making my efforts attractive to potential sponsors!!

Again, thank you everyone for your patience and support!! We’ll see you again VERY soon 🙂


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  • Bill Palmer says:

    Keep your priorities in order, young man.
    And it seems you are.
    Twenty years from now this will all be a faded memory.
    The best to you and yours.

  • Kathleen says:

    It’s March 2018. We have stumbled onto your You Tube videos and are delighted with your content. You are easy to listen to, easy to understand what the content is all about, and love knowing that you also make slight errors and are willing to share them with us. It helps to understand what goes wrong and that it is fixable. Thanks for your time to create the videos.

  • Tony Bacon says:

    No worries Andy. There is plenty of material here I still have not viewed or read and I keep forgetting what I’ve learned so I come back to it again and again so each post goes a long way with me 😉 Enjoy the extra special time upping the care for the family as called upon, it’s a blessing!

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