Have A Question For Me?

    Please take a moment to read this 🙂
    When I first started this site, my main objective was to use video as a means of providing step by step instruction where viewers could see a particular repair process, learn which materials to use, and apply that information to their own projects allowing them to do the work themselves (knowing that it was done safely and correctly). In addition to this, I also wanted to build a ‘Community’ of sorts that would allow others to share their boating experience and knowledge.
    Over the past couple years, this community has really grown! In fact it’s gotten to the point where I am having difficulty finding the time to stay on top of things. What started out as a couple emails / questions a week from people looking for advice has evolved into more than a couple dozen per day :-O
    As many of you know, Boatworks Today is not my primary business, nor does it help to pay the bills. It’s a pet project that I enjoy doing, and I know that it is an effective way for me to reach a lot of people and assist others in helping themselves with their own projects.
    This being said, it has become something that is requiring a lot of time; time that would normally be spent doing billable hours to put food on the table, or being home with my Girls.
    My dilemma is that I love doing this! I really enjoy talking with people all over the world, hearing the success stories from viewers who have tackled a project, worked through it and accomplished something to truly be proud of!
    I find this much more rewarding than my normal day to day job. So much more, that I would like to find a way to MAKE this my job (or at least a large part of it). However, as is the case in life I still have obligations to meet; both to my family and financially. The only way I am able to justify the time needed to grow Boatworks Today is if it’s helping me meet these obligations as well.
    If you have a quick question about a project that you’re working on, whether it’s which materials to use, where to get them, etc.  please consider making a financial contribution along with your question to help maintain this resource. A typical contribution would be $25, but more is always appreciated!
    If you’re working on a project where you feel that on-going assistance would be more beneficial, please look over my Patreon Page and see if the ‘Consultation Package’ would be something that interests you.
    One time donations can be made through our Paypal link below.  Statements will reflect contribution going to Miller Boatworks, Ltd with a tag specifying a Boatworks Today Podcast Donation. I will follow up with you via private email to discuss your questions. If I’m not able to offer any helpful advice, I will issue a full refund 🙂
    Thank you for your help!!
    ~Andy Miller