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  • Ken says:

    Hello!, Just joined in, I hope it helps,I do get alot out of your videos! Please excuse any sarcasome and/or stupid Questions I may have, sometimes I try too hard to funny! Rock on!

  • Todd Dunn says:

    It is amazing how easy it is to move a boat with a hydraulic trailer.

    I hope the next video will be a walk around documenting the condition of the boat along with your repair plans.

    Looks like a fun project.

  • David Schroeder says:

    Wow–great trailer to haul the Rhodes 19 away! The Rhodes will sail like a dream when the project is completed. I sailed a Rhodes 19 in San Francisco Bay with a fellow Navy officer when we were stationed at Naval Station Treasure Island after a year in Vietnam. The Navy exchange in 1970 and 1971 had several sailboats available to rent. The Rhodes 19 was our favorite. I rebuilt a Clipper Marine 26 four years ago with a friend and know how much work is involved. We had a shop similar to yours. A great shop/building with good tools makes all the difference in completing a successful project. I wish you fair winds and following seas. David Schroeder

  • Wayne says:

    Nice to have neighbour with open end trailer .looking forward to restore

  • Pete says:

    Hi, watching your R19 project videos with much interest. I own a very similar vintage R19 that is in sailing condition. I enjoy it regularly. There are no other R19’s around so I have no comparisons available. I am particularly interested to see how you tackle the flotation chambers in the seats and the bow zone. Also want to see if you install a traveller on this boat. Tks, Pete

  • Jame McReynolds says:

    What happened to the Rhodes? I recently purchased an old Rhodes 19 (in better shape than this one) and was hoping for some tips as you worked through this project. Any updates?

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