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  • Kelly Balmores says:


    It would be nice to see how Quantum 99 buff’s out and will the buffing remove the orange peel and give it a better result.


  • Eddie Giovanniello says:

    Thanks Andy, that was really informative see how I want my 1971 Chris Craft Lancer to be perfect I think I’ll go with the awlcraft2000 unless you think I should use something different I could you really use your help because I’m ready to paint the boat is 100% fiberglass ready and faired off, thanks again buddy, love your videos keep them coming for the diu’s just to let you know I had a boat guy come here to see how much it would cost to get my boat painted professionally he wanted $8,000 even after it was completely done and fared he asked me, who did the transom on the boat? I said I did, he said you told me you know nothing about boats, I said why do you ask anyway? he said that’s the nicest job he’s ever seen done on a transom, I told them YouTube, Andy taught me, thanks to you I did the job perfect thanks buddy for all your help if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have gone so far on this boat with confidence

  • david salt says:

    What type of roller are you using? Is it type that you would use for spreading epoxy? Or is it just a small cell foam type sold at Home Depot?



  • Paul says:

    Great Info
    Looking forward to watching you revive that beautiful Rhodes!


  • Ed Pysa says:

    Hi Andy,

    I like many who check out your you tubes are do it yourselfers. It is nice to see an unbiased review of a 2 part urethane for the novice. Quantum is really pushing their paint on Ship Shape TV. Are there other 2 part paints that give a better finish than quantum or is it just the nature of the technique; roll and tip or just roll vs spraying?

    A few people of say good things about Signature paints. May be you could do a section on rolling an tipping different paints for the amateur

    Thank you,


  • alan hall says:

    i sent a message regarding windows that leak after removal and reseating. they did not leak right away. it took a few months. I don’t think i did it correctly. i used West Marine’s sealing caulk. (based on their suggestionMy boat is a 1999 Bayliner Avantii.
    You came out with a video on the proper way to do this which I intend to do.
    There are stress cracks all over my boat. I have read that Bayliner’s gel coat back then was horrible. None go thru the fiberglass. One crack does go into the glazing area. These cracks are very thin. Do you think this is where the water is coming from? How would I know? If you were asked by an owner to refurbish the topside of this boat what would you do?
    I have done a total refit on the interior and helm area. I made all new canvas and seats through out. it is very sharp. I hate to give up on her now. I’ve invested over two years of work, at about 16 hours a day , seven days a week, and about $12,000 for materials. As you know it’s not the materials that are so expensive. It’s the labor. So you see I hate to give up on her now after all that work.

    I will make a donation to your website.
    thank you.
    Alan Hall
    317-997-4639 or

  • Jeff says:

    Used the Genuis bucket black paint. Followed directions, but have a severe orange peel after rolling the product on. I do not recommend this paint. I’m gonna try and wet sand the finish. I’m very disappointed in this product . Thank you for reviewing the product though, love your videos!

  • Sal Arzillo says:

    My Bass boat metallic flake is done, can I prime and paint, then add metallic paint on top of that without totally removing all remnants of old metallic flake paint? Because I want it to be a different color. Also, the bottom of the boat, can I paint over the gel coat with regular paint?

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