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  • David says:

    Big job but very interesting. I look forward to watching your progress. Good luck.

  • Paul says:

    Im looking forward to watching this beautiful boat take shape!!

  • Bud Ainsworth says:

    Just out of curiosity, what kind of boat is the boat on the trailer with the navy colored hull next to you in this segment? I’m guessing Bertram 25′

    Thanks, Bud Ainsworth

  • Tony says:

    I also have 3 girls that I’ve started with a free boat 1959 lone star 14′ fiberglass with 50 hp Evinrude. And yea l had to rebuild the motor and fix gel coat on top of boat and repaint. But the girls were very excited to help with the restoration. Yes it took a lot of time and a few bucks. But the important thing for me was hanging out with my girls. Which made the project priceless ! I would do it again. So keep with your plan. nn o I

  • Jason says:

    Hi Andy,
    You mentioned that you would have 4000-5000 in materials? What would be your highest dollar amount items?

  • Chris says:

    Love your Rhodes 19 project. That hull is a gem and the boat sails like a dream. New boats lack “soul”.. Best if luck and keep on posting

  • pat Clark says:

    I’m waiting patiently for an out of town guest to go home so I can begin the revivification of my 1958 Bell Boy Bonanza!! And, you’re right…I don’t care, It’s my Boat!

  • Alan Stewart says:

    Hey Andy, I just discovered your videos and am already a fan! I “restore” trailerable keelboats up to 20’ (Cape Dory Typhoons, Bulls Eyes, Rhodes 18’s, etc.), and am sure that I’ll get a lot out of your “tutorials”.
    I tried Quantum 99 last summer and had to repaint five times and STILL had orange peel!

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