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  • Willie Matos says:

    Huge fan of your videos!! I have a quick question. I’m spray painting my 20’ c/c, I already apply awlgrip 545 epoxy primer with 10% reducer (2coats) with approximately 40psi. The results were great for being my first time. The surface needs some sanding before I apply Awlgrip TOPCOAT with 10% reducer at approximately 45-50psi. What sand paper grid do you recommend to prep the prime surface before applying the paint?
    Thank you so much in advance.

  • Brett says:

    Hey Andy; a quick question for you; if you had to replace your spray gun and pressure pot today, especially for spraying awlgrip and or alexseal(s?) what setup would you choose. I’m done with the $50 latex jobs from the box store. ( I’m tired of sanding off the ‘misstooks’.

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