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  • Chas says:

    The best info have ever seen in 25 years ur light years a head write a book

  • Popescu Alexandru says:

    Love your videos, I learn a lot. I want to ask you if I can use quart sand and gelcoat instead of paint.

  • Bob K says:

    hey andy-…..question can i duplicate this process w gel coat instead of paint? i love working on my boat and get greta joy in watching your videos…very inspiring and ive been challanged to try things via your videos….thanks.
    btw…i would love to make a donation to your support. do you have a page that shows items that you may need or want? i sell advertising and get alot of trade barter. just curious.thanks

  • Bob K says:

    Andy….also the texture for the med looks kind of rough compared to most non skids. do you feel the fine (or next level down from medium) would work fine for a florida flats boat?

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