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  • Tyler says:

    what do you use to bed the polycarbonte?

  • Shane says:

    Hi Andy, First let me say that I think you are the best on Youtube for clearly explaining, and showing, how to complete various boat projects.
    I re-cored the decks on my 1975 O’Day 27 last year and the whole job went really well due to your videos. Again, thank you.
    I am replacing the windows this year. I have removed the old ones (inner and outer frame) and would like to put new surface mount ones back in. Mine are almost vertical. Would you recommend Acrylic or polycarbonate?

    • ~Andy says:

      Hi Shane!

      Personally I’d go with poly. Much easier to work with unless you have the equipment to work with acrylic… Plus, it’s much less brittle!!!

      Hope this helps!

      Good luck ๐Ÿ˜‰

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