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  • stephen says:

    Looking forward to the project and seeing all the techniques used to accomplish the restoration.

  • Gary says:

    Jack up the trailer – one side at a time near tire/rim – try to rotate rim. If rotates – either try to inflate tire and or borrow a couple of tire/rims and mount on trailer temporarily.
    Before dropping back down place boards under tires to get them out of the ground.
    Get some metal – bend it into 90 degrees – temporarily reattach tongue by drilling and bolting metal and tongue and trailer pieces together.
    Or, get someone with a back hoe – place strap under all and move it out that way, or just strap under boat and move just that. Have your other trailer handy and place what you intend to take on it.
    Take a bunch of 2 x 4’s, some lag bolts, a good battery driver so you can make a temp cradle on your trailer to move the boat away.
    There is a Mac 23 beside the Oday – maybe that would be a good one to work on – but it sure is ugly.

  • david salt says:


    Great project – excellent to view what you do in the coming months

    But are sure it is worth the time and money.

    To move it – an idea is remove the keel and probably six people can just lift and carry the boat out of the

    Go for it sounds fun.

  • Bill says:

    Huge undertaking! Will be watching. Are there some jobs/boats just not worth it?

    • ~Andy says:

      Looking forward to getting started 😉 There aren’t many boats that I would personally want to do this with, but the Rhodes has all the features I was looking for when trying to find a boat to teach and take my Girls out on.. So, this particular one I think will be worth it, but its one of the rare ones IMO 🙂

  • john may says:

    I have great confidence as your past work speaks for it’s self

  • DAVID SALT says:


    Have you developed a tentative work schedule for the restoration? We are all waiting to follow you

    Get going


  • Alan Stewart says:

    What ever happened to the Rhodes 19 restoration project?

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