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  • Allen Sooter says:

    Good Morning Andy,

    That is a great tip with the fine line tape, I had to do my sailboat pilot house deck twice ( poor choice of caulking— silicone) and it was a bitch getting it off the bottom. Thanks for the tip, I will use it on the swim step on the Cruise a Home.
    I agree sanding the cured caulk is much faster than taping, and I don’t care how careful you are, that goo on the tape gets every were when you pull it.


  • Barry says:

    Andy… Just became a Patreon! Question about refinishing my teak deck. Boat is 38 years old, I have a LOT of screws showing, and my teak appears thin. Thinking of extracting the screws — or drilling thru them — and plugging holes with bungs. I just don’t think there’s enough wood left to sink the screws deep enough for the bung to go above them. Any advice?

  • Anthony says:

    Thank you so much for all your time and craftsman ship, teaching and sharing your wisdoms.

    I am replacing around a dozen teak planks on my Swan 431,
    Re- seeming and replacing old plugs in the TEAK Deck


    1, How do I go about replacing the curved teak planks?
    (Do I need to steam, the planks ?).

    2, I am in Sthrn California , Do you have any suggestions where I buy and what type /specs of Teak I should be buying for the replacement planks?

    3, I am thinking about replacing the most outside plank with a slightly raised teak plank, and then varnishing it . Do you have any thoughts ?

    Thank you.


    I have been watching your video for a few years now, and your knowledge and craftsmanship have helped me so much.

  • Anthony says:

    Also, just wondering why you don’t use the Teak Decking systems
    “sausage” and the pneumatic gun?

  • Ron Turnow says:

    I have been injecting CPES into each slot and let dry then add thin tape proir to fill. Do your think this is a good benefit to holding water out.?

  • PaulB says:

    That was beautifully done. Once the sanding was done, did you oil the deck or stain it?

  • Dave says:

    Hi Andy: Are you selling your sanding tool to refinish teak decks? Thanks and great video.

  • Ron Hess says:

    How big a compressor do I need in terms of CFM to spray on All Craft?

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