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  • Thomas says:

    Hello Andy, this is Thomas from Germany,

    I like all your videos, they are great and full of information.

    This is a very good idea to level the stand. I think the best option you have.

    For your door I maybe have an idea, you could create a sliding door inside the cabin.

    I have a similar problem. but I will create a cabinet in the cabin on the port side behind the side wall, so I’ll hide the sliding door between the cabinet and the side wall. Opening to the port side.
    But i dont have a good idea for the upper flap.

    and i dont know the inner construction of your boat…

    i’m very intrested for you choice and mainly for next videos…

    greatings from Germany



    (sorry for my english… google translator helps…)

  • TONY BARBATO says:

    I really think you should use a pair of wooden louvered doors for 5he cabin entrance. And perhaps take the console you have already put so much work into and simply build a center console where the hole in the floor is.

  • Just watched the helm layout video — Like the storage and removable filler idea!! Regarding cabin door, consider a sliding pocket arrangement that would slide left just inside the helm bulkhead — No space interference!!!
    I had this arrangement on my Formula 280SS — The door was a 1-piece unit that opened both the top and front opening at one time — 1-piece formed acrylic…

    Really enjoying your show — Beautiful work!!!

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