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  • John F Wong says:

    Hi Andy!, I really appreciate your podcast, very informative and helpful. i have been watching all of your videos. the most helpful for me was modern varnishing, teak decking and fiberglass repair, since my boat is fiberglass and tons of varnished wood and teak decks. i have a 50 fairline squadron.

    thanks for the show, great job!!


    • ~Andy says:

      Thanks John! I really appreciate the kind words 🙂 I hope you have someone to help on your boat, there’s a lot of surface area there for one person 😉

  • Dennis says:

    Hi Andy
    Enjoyed your videos you do top quality work refreshing to see their are still people who enjoy their work and take pride in it.Getting ready to build a 14 to 16 foot jon boat trying to learn all I can before starting the project my first attempt at building a boat.Will post it in the user projects if it turns out the way I hope it does.Thanks for all the usefull info and look forward to seeing future videos.

    • Fred says:

      Looking forward to your posting on your Jon Boat as I am building a type of Jon Boat but with some changes. It will have a slight slope to the bottom with a shallow tunnel down the middle. To visualize it from the transom a 14 inch wide panel on each side with a 6 inch drop down and a 14 inch wide tunnel in the middle. With the boat being 16 feet long and 4 feet wide at the floor. It will have an outboard/inboard engine. that is an outboard placed in a rectangular well about 8 feet forward of the transom. There will be many more features but I don’t want this to get much longer so I will say bye for now.

  • Michael says:

    I have a 17ft picton 170 gts it needs a full restoration any tips. Would love to see you do a full speedboat restoration series. There’s a lot of us out here could do with an in depth look at a professional doing one

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