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  • David says:

    Andy I’m new to your videos and really impressed. Not sure if I’ve missed something but you seem to use more acetone than I like for epoxy clean up. Doing repairs while in New Zealand, I learned to clean my brushes, syringes, tools etc. using alcohol (I use methyl hydrate) (seems to thin and flush most of the epoxy off), dump that and then flush/ clean with regular white vinegar – which apparently kills the epoxy curing reaction instantly and makes what left water soluble leaving a thin milky solution that I was told is ‘safe’ to dispose of. you can flush the clean up with water – I did initially and haven’t found it necessary.

    Quick, healthier and environmentally friendlier, and cheap – for example I can usually use the same throw away brush several times. The NZ people / regulators are incredibly environmentally aware so I suspect this is a good way to go but I haven’t found a chemist who could explain the reactions and products. So, less acetone use which is always good – and I think it works better. Thought you might know this, maybe not, so I pass it on. Cheers

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