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  • Thanks for this video. I think I want to go with the Awl Grip 2 part on my non-skid deck also but was concerned about the fumes and gearing up and wearing a respirator. Noticed in the video you weren’t wearing one? Difference being maybe spraying and rolling have an effect?

  • Michael Reilly says:

    Thanks. I’ve been restoring my Cheoy Lee 47 Pedrick and have gotten all kinds of advice, some good, some not so much. I stripped the teak from the deck and am going to lay a layer of 1708 prior to painting or gel coating, then use non-skid to finish. Yes, I know, it won’t have the traditional teak deck, but this is our family boat, we’re setting off this fall for a 3-5 year cruise and I need to seal the deck. The original deck had numerous leaks before I obtained it and needed much repair, we will be cruising in the tropics and the additional heat from a teak deck makes for a less comfortable boat, we also have 7 and 9 year old boys, the thought of teak maintenance doesn’t excite the Admiral.
    I’m laying the glass this week after sanding the decks down to the original glass, the original gelcoat was in terrible shape, this video presented the non-skid application in the most understandable and simple way, even I could grasp it easily. I hope to be finishing the decks next week so I can get the hardware back on and the boat to the yard in 2-3 weeks, your videos helped tremendously.
    I know how difficult it is to relay a technical subject in a simple, understandable way, I was a field engineer for 14 years (worldwide) then International Field Service Manager for an OEM, I totally understand how difficult it can be to relay a complex subject in a straightforward, simple, understandable way, it’s so much harder than it appears. Kudos on your editing ability.

  • Tate says:

    Great Vid! I’m planing on doing the same on a 27′ classic plastic that already has a non-slip scale-like pattern in the glass, (thats NOT that grippy at all), and I wonder if you recommend a different treatment, as the surface has a ‘pattern’ that just may ‘puddle’ with paint and texture medium.

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