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  • Lewis Alexander says:

    New to the channel. My son and I are bringing a 1964 Hatteras 34SC (hull only) back to life. Very interested in looking into patron status and getting Andy’s help along the way.
    The teak deck replacement project looks like it will be great to follow.

  • Scott Abbott says:

    Best instructional program I have ever found. Andy, editing is terrific. So easy to follow, and so well done. Really nice job man. Keep it up! My Contessa 26 demands it. Your videos made so much more possible for me to take on over the last year. Many thanks!

  • david salt says:


    Whats happening? The nation is waiting.


  • Dru Rachaner says:

    You videos are helping me so much with my small project,,,

  • john says:

    help andy please—i have been trying to figuer out his website contribution to u–anyway- i have staines from poplar leaves all over my boat-some have come off with a magic eraser but not in th sand finish-i have tried many cleaners-nothing touches it-including lime lemon muratic acid-all sorts of stuff—-john

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