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  • Douglas Kohl says:

    Hi Andy, as usual, great video ! In regards to the fuel hose issue……make or purchase a short (4-6″) FIBERGLASS tube…use a piece of 2″ PVC as the form, wax it up and wrap it with 3-4 layers of 1708. then, glass that in at the deck.

  • Anthony Williams says:

    I own a 1968 fly bridge bertram. It is almost identical to your bertram.
    The fuel fill is correct. Remember you must have a fuel tank vent that runs beside the fuel fill. The area is tight but after your fuel tank is installed it will make sense. You should not be concerned about water intrusion. The bilge should be free flowing from stem to stern. Bilge pump in engine compartment. Also starboard side is cut the same way. Remember there is going to be wires from batteries and fuel level gauge to bridge. ( my boat has twin io’s)

    I can’t wait until you finish your locker area. I would like to see the seating. By the way, the front center well that you created is very close to factory – as wide as the cabin door. My boat has a superstructure, so the well is needed for head clearance.

    By the way, nice job. I only wish I had the time to fully restore mine.

    Dagsboro, DE
    1968 25 foot flybridge bertram

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