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  • Andy says:

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  • Hello.
    Nice sled, I tink I will try to make one for the next winter. Think I will incorporate a rope to pull the sled also.
    Did you think of gluing the members together with biscuits or a domino. Or is this design plenty strong ?? Maby you have had som rides on it and have some improvment tips.

    I will go in and buy some of the epoxy, and try and do it so you are a bit funded. I live in Norway, but I do almost all my ordering in tools and accessories from the states.

    Best regards.

    • ~Andy says:

      Hi Torgeir,

      I did consider gluing everything together, but it was a short lived thought 🙂 The reason I didn’t do that was so that the sled could flex without cracking / breaking, and also (maybe most importantly) so that the wood could continue to dry (and shrink) without concern of the edges pulling apart and splitting.

      As it is I think it is plenty strong. I can set the sled up on saw horses (on each end) and sit in the middle of the sled without any issues. It bows and flexes but it holds my weight no problem..

      The only thing I would do differently is I would not have made the front curl quite so tight. I’m noticing that as the wood continues to dry that curl is getting tighter. Not much, but I would say it’s curled in another 1/2″ or so.. I’ll have to wait to see what happens this Summer when there is more humidity in the air. Good chance that the curl will swing back out..

      If you decide to do this please send some pics! Would love to see it…

      Thanks for the help and support!!


  • brian says:

    What kind of wax can apply to make my sled faster? I am running down a wooden shute.

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