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  • James says:

    Would you compose a video on repairing soft spots in your deck?

  • Mark says:

    Hi Andy, I’m very new to working with fiber glass and gel coat. I just purchased a 20 foot center console 1987 year . it’s in really good shape except the paint has seen it’s better days on the deck area and top rail of the hull to the point fiber glass will get in your arms if you lay them on the sides. My question is what would be the best steps to take and if roll and tipping would be the best route for someone like me to do. ? also what would be the best gel coat for me to use. or would you use auto paint?

  • Ron Hess says:

    I have received much help from your free videos for my total restoration of a 28′ Lancer—I made my first donation yesterday out of gratitude and today it seems Im locked out–can you help

  • captjohn43 says:

    Hi Andy,
    Thank you for making this video on deck non-skid repair. I have a 1993 Shamrock which need multiple repairs to the deck. This trick worked very well.
    Thanks, John

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