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  • Todd Dunn says:

    I am enjoying your rudder recoring videos. I do have a couple of questions. First, I was a bit surprised that you didn’t template the rudder at several spots before you cut it open. That would have given you a better reference than the mark-1 eyeball to get the foil shape right. Second, I haven’t seen the Petit fairing compound around here yet (here in Bass Harbor, Maine). Have you tried System 3 Quick Fair? I have used it and it seems to be pretty much the same as the Petit product you used. Another product I have used that is pretty much the same is AwlFair. Have you used it?
    Todd Dunn
    Bass Harbor, ME

  • James lynam says:

    I am so great full I found your page I have the will and half a brain and a E26 that needs work that intimidates me to the point that I hope it cures itself.. I m not rich and all I have is this boat and a bicycle no car barely a place to live. Your videos are going to set me out in the right direction thank you.

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