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  • Very useful blog. Keep up the good work.

  • Tony says:

    Love the pizza peels. Thanks a bunch for the video. What stock are you using? Walnut and ?? Maple?

    What are the overall dimensions?

    Nice site too. Bummer I’m not into boat building.

    Thanks again.

    • ~Andy says:

      Thanks Tony 🙂 I’ll have to check the overall dimensions when I get home. But I think I made them out of sapele (mahogany) and sugar maple.. If you’re more into the woodworking side of things you may want to check out my other site ‘From The Woodshop’ (which is strictly woodworking).


      I just set it up this past Spring and am not real active on it during the Summer, but starting again in the next month I’ll be making regular posts and making video’s for christmas project ideas 🙂


  • Nino Garrolini says:

    Love your site!!!
    Trying to learn a lot about repairs on my boat, BUT I have a wood burning pizza oven in my kitchen and I use my peel all the time. Definately would like to make my own. Just one question…. are you yo using regular wood glue (ie. Elmers wood glue) or something else???)
    Thanks for all the good info!!


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