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  • Paul says:

    Great video. Just like you told me to do it. I really appreciated the part about the sander and the 410 filler.

  • Tj says:

    Hi Andy.
    How come you didn’t use the fiberglass sections that you pulled off and laid new glass?

  • Tyson Haverkort says:

    Awesome site and info! It would be super helpful if you numbered your videos. I often find myself watching a project and thinking “How did he do the next step”, but I’m unable to find the next vid.

    Thanks a lot!

  • Ken Senzig says:

    Andy love your show I’ve learned a LOT, thanks. What’s the latest on the Rhodes?

  • Paul says:

    Im glad you like the Total Boat product line. Of course your videos are spot on, keep’em coming.

  • Paul says:

    Great stuff! Your videos are perfect for the boat owner that has a DIY project.

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