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  • Douglas Kohl says:

    Hi Andy, again, love the concept that you are doing……in regards to having a way to mount your camera….get a pair of aluminum, tripod, lighting stands….the kind a small band or DJ would use at a gig to hang the stage lights. I have several and use them around my shop to suspend stuff. The stands are sturdy, light weight, adjustable, and very easy to move around. You can get “T” brackets and put crossbars on the top as well. Most of them will extend to 8-10 ft, and you can add extensions. I have a couple of extra stands that I’d be willing to send up to ya, just cover the shipping ?

    My name is Douglas, I live in Callahan, FL, and work at American Marine Design/Insetta Boatworks. ( Insetta dot com and on FB as Insetta Boatworks ) We build 45 and now a 35 ft power catamaran, designed primarily for offshore fishing. I have been working on boats since the mid 1990’s, starting in St. Paul, MN at a wood boat shop until I moved to Florida in 1999 and went to work at the Huckins Yacht Co. new boat division for 3 yrs, I then struck out on my own, with a partner, designed and built a 12 ft “sport utililty vessel”….looked like a jetski with an outboard…then my wife was diagnosed with kidney cancer and I walked away from the boats, cared for her until she passed on in 2005.

    Now, at AMD I have been building new molds for the console, leaning post, hatch locators, and more for the new 35 ft model. We do the resin infusion method for the most part, BUT, there will always be a need for some good old, hand layup kind of stuff, ha ha ha.

    Last year, I bought a band sawmill, kind of a ‘retirement’ project in about 4 years from now….I have been a woodworker for most of my life and have been stockpiling trees/lumber for future use in the shop.

    Keep up the great work with BWT, I do enjoy the videos, always learn something, and can still understand ‘Wisconsonian’, you betcha !

    Let me know if I can be of any help to you.

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