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  • stephen says:

    going kind of fast!!

    • ~Andy says:

      What do you mean? That’s how I work πŸ˜‰ Alright, truthfully I didn’t want to spend a bunch of video time showing what would end up being redundant info πŸ™‚ You gotta admit though, it was more interesting than watching 2 hours of video at regular speed!!!

  • Sam says:

    I am still waiting on getting some info on fairing the surface and gel coat. I am about ready to dive in on my own Boat project. 1977 Arrow Glass Lark Tri Hull.

    • ~Andy says:

      Hey Sam,

      If you haven’t done so please check out my Facebook page.. It explains a little bit of what’s going on with the lag in video’s recently πŸ™‚ The short story is that my wife and I are expecting baby #2 any time now and she’s on bed rest (which means I am taking up a lot more of the household duties)..

      Here’s the link to the page. Also, please give some thought to ‘Liking’ the page πŸ™‚

      Thanks for your patience!


  • tommy says:

    saw videos this morning on youtube. nice work. been looking for this kind of info. have an 89 wellcraft v20 i/o i would like to do some repairs on.

  • I saw you make a fiberglass panel. Could you tell me how you started? What did you make the panel on? Was this just normal plastic, and it just comes right off..
    I did not see you spray anything before starting. and it looked like 3 or 4 layers of 1708 maybe…i have alot to do inside my boat, to get rid of alot of rotten plywood..
    i think that if you own a boat.. you should have boatworks today, in your hip pocket.
    probably as important as the boat itself…
    your videos on boats are great..

    1986 bayliner 1900 cg capri 19 foot

    • ~Andy says:

      Thank you for the kind words πŸ™‚ I ended up laying all the glass down on a heavy piece of plastic (actually shrink wrap film). Resins don’t like plastic so it makes for a good release film.. Some plastics will wrinkle from the resin, but there’s a material actually called release film that’s used for vacuum bagging that would have been ideal! A number of composite retailers will carry this.

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