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  • trbaker says:

    Great job, Andy. I love the way you sneak up on the color match.

  • esay says:

    Nice work:)

  • david says:

    Hi Andy.
    Can you recommend a distributor that sells small batches of color gel coat to the DIY?

  • david says:

    Hi again.
    Strike my previous comment/question Andy. I forgot to check the BLOGROLL in the sidebar. Looks like Express Composites has everything the DIY needs.

    Thanks for a great performance in Part 2. Looks like I’ll be giving it a try soon, as I just finished 5 spot-repairs on my Lido 14 thanks to your ‘…Hole In My Boat’ vids. Everything went great and I even scored a new polisher/sander as an anniversary gift from my ‘better half’ (yes, she wants this boat FINISHED!).

  • Paulo says:

    Hi Andy,
    My gelcoat is old and seems to be much whiter than the original gelcoat. How would you approach a color match in that case? I believe that the white gelcoat from a can will be one or two shades darker than the hull’s color.
    Let me know if that makes sense.
    Thank you.

    • ~Andy says:

      Guessing the existing gelcoat has faded. Best option at this point would be to buff the gelcoat on the hull to get down to a fresh surface that *hopefully* will be a little darker and help with the color matching 🙂 Good luck!

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