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  • Kurt says:


    Nice job on the vids!

    They are a great help with the Gamefisher Project.

    From our previous conversation, all is going better with the repare….


    • Dan says:


      Love the channel! You’re an inspiration. I bought a MasterCraft that was run aground. Major hull damage that will be ground out then built up. Here is my question … I have gel coat stress all up the floor all the way to the engine area. Would you completely remove gel coat and lay up another layer of glass everywhere a small crack has manifested or as it was one time stress would you grind crack epoxy seal and re gel coat?

      Thanks for the help

      Btw would love to talk with you about how I source boats just give me a text or call.

      Dan in Dallas

  • Alex says:


    I’ve already done the repairs my boat and I used Bondo body filler to get the surfaces where I want them. Unfortunately I just found your videos and was wandering what my options are now? I’m not looking for perfection but just to last a few years. I’m ready to apply gelcoat. Would applying a layer of resin over the top of all of it and sanding that work?


    • ~Andy says:

      Applying a seal coat wouldn’t hurt, but I think you’ll be ok with just applying gel. Sand the bondo really well, clean and apply 🙂

  • Jason Robinson says:

    I used your videos almost exclusively in order to to fix a 2′ x 1′ hole in my Coronado 15′ sailboat.

    Thank you very much for putting these up. You helped save a wonderful little `72 sailboat from the junk yard.

    Project pics

    Near the end I made a video to explain why and what I did.

  • Oleg Sinitcyn says:

    Hi Andy,

    Thanks a lot for your channel and videos!

    Could you advise how to get rid of ADTECH P14 filler that has been applied with no hardener added on to lightly sanded previously painted aluminum boat hull to cover some holes repaired with WS Six10 epoxy. My helper applied P14 there and we were really wandering why it was not about to set for a few hours. Then he realised there was no hardener added at all. Now we need to clean up those spots (about 3″x5″ each) and reapply the fairing. It’s still tacky. What would be the best solution to use? Acetone? Paint Thinner? Please advise. Many thanks!

  • John Messineo says:

    I just filled and sanded a small hole on my boat with a West Marine polyester filler with fiberglass mixed in. Filled the hole nice. I sanded down with 60 then 150. Can I now gelcoat over this and wet sand after? Or should I sand the outer area that got sanded a bit too with a different grit paper?

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