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  • Kurt says:


    Nice job on the vids!

    They are a great help with the Gamefisher Project.

    From our previous conversation, all is going better with the repare….


  • Alex says:


    I’ve already done the repairs my boat and I used Bondo body filler to get the surfaces where I want them. Unfortunately I just found your videos and was wandering what my options are now? I’m not looking for perfection but just to last a few years. I’m ready to apply gelcoat. Would applying a layer of resin over the top of all of it and sanding that work?


    • ~Andy says:

      Applying a seal coat wouldn’t hurt, but I think you’ll be ok with just applying gel. Sand the bondo really well, clean and apply 🙂

  • Jason Robinson says:

    I used your videos almost exclusively in order to to fix a 2′ x 1′ hole in my Coronado 15′ sailboat.

    Thank you very much for putting these up. You helped save a wonderful little `72 sailboat from the junk yard.

    Project pics

    Near the end I made a video to explain why and what I did.

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