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  • Hi…my name is Bridget Allen. I’m a single mother of two young children who was forced to start my own business as a musician when I was left with not being able ot afford daycare. I started my own business working with children and music and it’s been a slow start but I’m just starting my own workshops. I was wondering if you have any of these amazing wooden xylophones that you would like to contribute or if I can pay you to make me one. I really want to make one myself but I have a hard enought time making dinner….(LOL). Please check out my short 1 minute video as what IM trying to do for kids in my community

    Thanks so much, Bridget

    • Andy says:

      Hi Bridget, I’d be happy to make a xylophone for your school, however it may be a little bit. I’m heading into my busy season with work and spare time is something that I am going to have very little of. It’s probably something I could look at after Memorial Day. I’d be happy to donate 1, but if you would like more unfortunately I would need to get a little something for time and materials. If you have further Q’s please email me (link on my website About Us –> How to contact us). My daughter really likes hers (turned 2 last month); uses it almost every night to procrastinate going to bed!

      Thank you!

  • Richard says:

    i was wondering if i could get a list of materials for the wooden xylophone. i am about to make one for a physics project and don’t know what to buy.

    • ~Andy says:

      Hey Richard, to be honest the materials list really depends on what kind of shape you would like the xylophone to have. But, as a starting point take a look at what I have written up here Also, the general list for the one I made is provided in the video as well… Please let me know if you have any further Q’s!!

      Thank you!


  • Alan says:

    For a physics project I have decided to make a wooden xylophone. I was wondering what kind of wood you would recommend and if different types would make a big difference to achieve a good note. I would like it to be pretty cheap. Also what is an alternative to making the curves in the keys without the type of saw you had? Is there a way to make it good otherwise?

    Thank You!

    • ~Andy says:

      Hey Alan,

      When I built it I ended up going with mahogany. In the video I tried 3 different types and decided that the the more dense the wood the better the sound. I would imagine you could use almost any kind of hardwood (NOT softwood). Well, I suppose you could but I don’t think it would have much sound to it.

      As far as an alternative to dishing the bottoms out, I’m afraid that’s the best way. I just used a bandsaw. Maybe see if your school has one that you could use? I suppose you could hand sand but it would take forever. DO NOT try a router.. That will be a good way to lose a finger 🙂

      Dishing the bottom is the single most important factor in tuning the keys.

      On my download page I have a write up that has a bit more detail.

      Hope this helps!

      Good luck

  • Alan says:

    Thanks for all the help making the xylophone, I think it turned out pretty good.

  • Conor Curtis says:

    Could you post / send me a working drawing of the xylophone you made. With measurements labelled in centimeters. would very much appreciate this.

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