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  • Frank Bartsch says:

    Great show and info, Thank You

  • Eric Dean says:

    You ROCK! Loved the Glass Magic Restoration. It’s beautiful! I’ve enjoyed your videos and the information you provide is priceless! Please keep up the great work…

  • Mick says:

    You just haven’t uploaded enough tutorials, I have a 17 foot Wilson Flyer fitted as standard with a day cuddy that will seat four.
    I decided to put the boat in my garage and repaint, replace the tongue and groove roof lining in the cabin,etc, etc so I’m browsing the web looking for ‘roll and tipping’ and varnishing then I found your web site, (yes I have subscribed before you ask!!!) any way I eventually went to bed last night at around 01.00 am after watching most of your videos back to back, if it happens tonight then I will have watched all of your uploads, then what do I do??? the way you present and the care you take in every aspect is brilliant to watch, and I’ve learned a few things on the way which will help me with my boat,Thanks!!!!!!!! my wife will now be a boat restoration widow 🙂 Keep them coming. Cheers Mick in Cornwall UK.

    • ~Andy says:

      Mick, you my friend are awesome 🙂 Thank you! Only thing I can offer is to look at the vids as you used to see Christmas morning 🙂 (Guessing that you celebrate x-mas)…

      If I’m “playing Santa” I’ll try to visit at least once a month!! Ha-Ha (Er.. Ho Ho Ho!!!)

  • Larry Wills says:


    I am looking for epoxy putty, I thought I saw you with two balls getting ready to put them together? I had to pull the bronze housing on the tail section due to a lot of damage. I need to reset this bronze piece which my prop shaft inserts into. The old epoxy had out lived its live, so what is the best product to use to hold and water seal this bad boy back into the boat. I wanted to use something to regain the shape of the tail piece? Any ideas?

    • ~Andy says:

      Hi Larry,

      If I understand correctly I think you’re talking about the cutlass bearing? If you could, please email (or post on Facebook) a couple of pics so I can say for sure 🙂 Thanks!


  • chris says:


    Your vids are fantastic the presentation and information are brilliant. Has helped me so much .keep up the great work.


    Chris Andalucía Spain

  • Dave says:

    Very nice work. I’m enjoying!

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