Fiberglass 101 Download Guide ~ Choosing The Right Resin For Your Project

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22 Page downloadable Pdf covering the 3 primary types of resins used for marine repair and restoration (Epoxy, Polyester and Vinylester Resin).

Topics covered:
– Overview of each resin (how to catalyze, apply and store)
– Advantages and Disadvantages of each resin
– How to select the best resin for a particular task
– Types of fillers and hardeners available for epoxy depending on application
– Compatibility of the resins with each other and other products
– Easy to understand flowchart helping to choose a particular resin for each step of a repair
– Includes a list of suppliers that I work with and trust for purchasing your materials

And More!

14 reviews for Fiberglass 101 Download Guide ~ Choosing The Right Resin For Your Project

  1. Patrick Clarke (verified owner)

    This short guide consolidates all the information which Andy presented in various videos and as such is invaluable. The flowchart & tables for resin selection are really useful. There is enough information in this guide to perform fiberglass repairs. However, if you want to see how it’s done before tackling a job, then watch the videos with the guide beside you & take notes. For example, reading the section on core removal & repair might lead you to think that this is a simple easy step but if you watch the video you will see that there is a lot of dirty hard work involved.

  2. tomloud (verified owner)

    Great job Andy! Coupled with the videos this now gives me the confidence to tackle a spring project on my boat.

  3. Lee Neal

    Enjoyed your video, now to tackle my F24 amas.

  4. Tommy Ashe (verified owner)

    Great resin guide that breaks it down to the basics and includes links to the purchase the items you need to do the job. Well worth the money.

  5. James Griffiths

    We are teaching Torah through the use of fiberglass repair on sailboats. As a voluntary Outreach of our group we are limited by donated funds and have just started. I have been watching the videos now for almost 3 months. Some of the best information I have ever seen! So we’re getting our finances up for our next project a hunter 28. I am so looking forward to ordering this guide thanks for all the hard work you do Andy it’s wonderful YAH bless you!!

  6. Dan

    It is awesome that you put this info out there… it’s awesome!

  7. Cody moore (verified owner)


    Although it may of seemed short at first it has a wealth of knowledge. I currently brought a 14 ft guardian runabout as my first ever boat.

    Im currently 95% finished preparing my hull as I have removed the floor side wall fittings and various other tid bits due to rot.

    However due to all the conflicting Poly resin and epoxy resin searches I had no clue how to progress. Until now, your guide has helped me reach my decision and I thank you for your videos, absolutely fantastic and cant recommend this guide enough.

    Thanks mate!

  8. Randy R Allen

    I am a teacher of 18 years, but math, not boat repairs. So all this is brand new and I find you to be an excellent teacher. Thanks so much.

  9. Rudi Winkelman

    Recently I see more use of Total boat resins instead of West System. Is there a quality reason?
    Love your instructions.

    • amiller

      Hi Rudi! The quality of the two expoxies are very comparable but the Total Boat is much less expensive πŸ™‚

  10. Anderson

    Andy your tutorial videos have helped me (and my friends) a lot so thank you! Is this resin guide up to date (it’s 2020 now) or is there a newer version that you have that I should be looking at? Thanks in advance for your help!

    • amiller

      Nothing has changed regarding the information πŸ˜‰ Everyone so far has found the guide to be very helpful for getting a handle on the various materials and steps for common repairs!

  11. Alan T

    Love the shows Andy. Great work, I’ve learned a lot about layups that overlooked my perception in the past. Thank you and continue the craft always.

  12. Jeffrey Miller

    I enjoy all your videos. Thank You.

  13. Geoff Norton

    Andy, I’m sure you’ve heard this soooo many times! Your videos are fantastic and fun to watch. I’m a newbie to boating. I just, a week ago, bought a Hunter 140 day sailer. Yes, the plastic one. I have some repairs, hairline cracks and more. The deck has holes from “plastic” missing. It has buckles to and fro (not sure if those are nautical terms) where the material has separated from the harder material below. Would I be best to just glass the “floor” and glass it to the plastic material? Just want to know before I get the guide on order. Thanks Andy!!


    very helpful

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